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January 21, 2005


Valuing Older Workers
This site has been designed to help employers and training providers operate successfully in this new business environment. It has a great kit that has been designed for VET Practitioners. It provides tools to help RTO businesses plan for the emerging needs of industry, employers and older learners.

Learn More About Retaining Older Workers
A new website has been developed to help employers and training providers manage the reduction in Australia’s pool of available labour and cope with the new and emerging employment market. The site provides information for training providers and employers, brochures, management tools and a resource kit for training providers. To access the “Valuing older workers” website Click Here.


* Mature Age Workers Have Vital Role To Play In Australia's Future - This report, commissioned by the Federal Government, confirms that mature age workers have a vital role to play in Australia's economic future. Population Ageing and the Economy, sends a strong signal to all Australian businesses that if they neglect the older worker they do so at their own peril.

* Some great info is provided at the Diversity@work website including statistics - click here.

* Factsheet by diversity@work.