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November 16, 2007

Engagement and Participation in a Learner-centred System

As the feeder for many TAFENSW VET courses through our sucessful programs in Adult Community Education, oOutreach practitioners may be interested in the "Four papers by Adult Learning Australia visiting research fellows".
The papers explore key questions—
what kind of capability is needed to re-engage those in the community who are missing out on the benefits of education and training? How can programs be made more adaptive to the needs and preferences a cross the spectrum? What kind of innovation in teaching and learning will be necessary to meet the needs of a broader spectrum of learners beyond the traditional clients of the system?

The paper was published in October 2007. John MCIntyre speaks authoritatively of the Ben Bardon Discussion Paper Community Education and National Reform and makes one reference to outreach once in the following context:
In this model Community Education is used as the outreach arm of the VET
market, using its community linkages and many points of presence to engage and re-engage adults into the VET system.


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